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Praying Cowboy Bathroom Decor

Praying Cowboy Bathroom Decor

Rnd Rustics

  • $ 1200

Praying Cowboy with his horse that has a Western leather look to it. 

Choose from the following item in this collection. 

Trash Can, Soap Pump, Cup, Tooth Brush Holder, Soap Dish, Kleenex Box, and Toilet Brush Scrubber. 

Trash Can: H 10" W 9"
Toilet Brush Scrubber: H 15 W 4"
Soap Pump: H 8" W 4"
Cup: H 5" W 3"
Soap Dish: L 5" H 1" W 4"
Tooth Brush Holder: L 3" H 4" W 4"
Kleenex Box: L 6" H 6" W 6"

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